Malachite Merchandise was launched to help clients use the best branded merchandise, sourced in the most sustainable and responsible way.


With over 25 years of merchandise industry experience in global sourcing, importing, buying and delivering winning campaigns, the Malachite team brings a wealth of experience in brand management.


Our aim is to provide attention grabbing, sustainable merchandise true to our clients’ brand values. Working within your brand guidelines, we utilise real insights and years of industry knowledge to create ethical and innovative solutions to promote your brand and help your connect with your audience. No two projects are ever the same, but our proven approach and adaptability means we can focus on your key objectives.  


Malachite is a sculptural mineral that does not fade and lose its colour over time and likewise we are a solid base that will shape to our client’s needs. We have a commitment to reducing environmental impact and oppose greenwashing.

We understand that it is not always possible to have the most sustainable item for your campaign whether that’s due to cost or availability, but we will always endeavour to find the greenest solution possible. Our aim is to do everything in our power to reduce a product’s impact through reduced or sustainable packaging, a lower carbon footprint with UK/EU manufacture or even, a product that gives back in another way.